Sunday, June 17, 2012

MCG's Trifecta

Claire's big lead in the play on the 8th:

Claire's Solo in Clowns production 2012 from The Homesteading Hussy on Vimeo.

I don't know where she gets it but maybe Paul Bunyan is a closet Broadway performer and no one knows it- not even him.

Claire's big lead in her first 5K race ever on the 9th:

She said she hated every minute of it and if it wasn't for Paul Bunyan pushing her every time she wanted to walk, she wouldn't have done it.  She was very quiet after the race and very mad.  She said running isn't her thing.  I said acting isn't my thing.

Claire's big lead in the 4th grade graduation ceremony on the 12th.

 I cried not because of the fact that she wore a sweatshirt over the amazing dress my mother made for her, nor because of her funky socks and chucky T's she wore with it.  But mostly because she sat up there on the "stage" with her legs crossed looking all of 17.  Head held high...mostly because of the singing and racing and being the big lead in life.  I could see her sprouting branches right in front of me.  All this growth makes me want to keep watering and fertilizing because she's reaching for the stars and I can't wait to watch her sway in the spotlight. 

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  1. glad to see she's finding her way. now i wish the same for Bee.