Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Air conditioner in van is dead. Hand out the window, rolling with the wind. Hot. Humid. Muggy. I feel it in my hair. Big storms comin' through. Dog in distress. Breathing. Breathing. Breathing. Heavy. They are here. She is there. We were here:

I'm making a movie about it. I bet you can't wait.

They ate a lot of these.

We drank a lot of these (and ate a lot of those).

We dug a lot of these.

And rode a lot of these (we is a relative term here).

We've been doing some of this.

And lots of this.

And we've even gone so far as to claim one of these.


We've eaten a ton of these.

And now we're packin' for this (we is a relative term here).

How is that for generalizations. Generalizations haven't ever been so much fun.


  1. Looks like a great summer so far :)

    Congrats on the newest addition, sooo cute!! Name?!?!

    Beautiful stone too...under the pear trees?

    Keep on rockin' the summer and hope to see you soon.

    - The Newest Mama 2 Be

  2. You got a puppy??? I think the puppy needs a blog entry of it's own.

  3. Puppy will be ready mid August...she was 10 days old in those photos. Can't decide on a name. Yesss to many blog posts about new black lab love.