Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Pop-Pop on Father's Day...

My Dad and Mom took us to a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game last weekend in Manchvegas, N.H.

I think Pop-Pop had high hopes of teaching the boys the science of baseball and the ins and outs of how to keep score (officially). He taught me in the bleacher seats at Fenway. I remember being interested and I'm not really sure why.

I'm sorry Pop-Pop that they didn't watch the game, couldn't sit still, wouldn't listen to your insight. That they didn't care about the dog who retrieved the bats, but more about the hot dogs and pop corn and cotton candy doesn't mean that you failed. It just means that they're not ready yet. They will be one day. And then you and me, we'll take them to Fenway and teach them the way with DP 6-4-8, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI's. I promise you.

But even then, even then if they're more interested in the Cracker Jack's, I'll keep score with you.


  1. ah pop-pop, a man of my own heart. my mom taught me the same, as we lived only 30 minutes from Veteran's Stadium in Philly. (general admission seating in the enormous stadium was $2.50 adult/75cents kid). we'd have to always get 2 programs because we both loved to keep score.

    i will always remember the first game that we took my younger brother to (he was 6 1/2). The Big Red Machine was in town. there were a whopping 8 HRs in the game (unheard of in that era, from the likes of Foster, Bench, Griffey(Sr), Schmidt(a pair)). and to top it all off, my favorite player, #10 fiesty SS Larry Bowa had a GRAND SLAM. (probably the only one in his career). Phillies won 15-9..i STILL have the scoresheet (if i ever meet you, i'll have to show ya). when my brother was asked what he thought of the game he replied "it was OK".

  2. Oooh, a Phillies fan comments first! Gotta love that.

    Can I go to a game with Pop-Pop? I still have a bunch to learn, though I've been gaining knowledge steadily for about 5 years.

    Love this post. We took our girls to a Phillies game on a scorching day last year. They were interested in water and water ice, only.