Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yea, some say we're dumb.

Some say we're silly. No, actually, stupid for getting the boys into hockey.

But what they don't see are team dinners at Chili's.

And they don't see caravans of minivans with GO TEAM! written in paint on the windows.

And they don't see hotel rooms with pools and hot tubs.

And fundraisers. And warm-ups with their names on them. And last minute goals and overtimes and shoot outs and incredible saves and amazing passes and unforgettable tip-ins.

Nah, they don't see any of that because all they see is waking up in the dark for early morning practices and cold ice rinks and too much traveling and expenses and stinky gear and did I say cold ice rinks? Because none of them have a fur coat like I do.

And maybe, just possibly, none of them are as crazy as we are.


  1. did you crazy kids forget to buy Auggie hockey pants?

    i appreciate intersecting with the clan on the very special day when most of the FIRST set of hockey gear was purchased. there was nothing stupid about the excitement they both had - putting it on for display in a completely random order. i imagine that super-special tape grip on their sticks is giving them a leg up.

  2. I LOVE IT!!! There is so much to look forward to out of these mini mites!!!!!