Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where In The Heck Is The Hussy? Season 2. Part 2

Yeah, this was me. Way back when. Holy crap. That was 15 years ago. I'm with my mother (the woman on the left) and my aunt (the woman on the right). We're at the beach. Seaside Heights, N.J. I just graduated college. I was wicked cool.

But that's only because I went out on a date with him. Hot Hunk of a life guard. Mark. It wasn't really a date. We just went out to a club and had a few drinks and then made out on some slide at a park near the beach. And that's all that happened. I swear to the god I don't believe in. I promise you mom. That was it.

But every time I go here:

To spend a few days with these hoodlums.

I'm reminded of those few days on the beach I spent trying to get Mark's "eye".

As he sat on the lifeguard stand, or went running up and down the beach doing a drill, or taking the row boat out to save someone who got pulled too far out by the undertow.

I remember trying to look sexy.

Comfortable in my own skin.


And sometimes it just happens....

...that you meet someone you make a connection with.

And even if it's only for a short time (or a long one),

that you're with them,

you realize, after the fact, that they were there for a reason.

That they were there to show you something.

Or teach you something.

About yourself.

That you didn't already know.

And then years later...even 15 years later (or more),

you might recall

how that person made you feel...

like you were the hottest chick on the beach.


  1. Now that is sweet. Really sweet. Awwww...

  2. Yea, sweet. Except now I'm 15 years older and 15 pounds heavier. hmpf.

  3. Great pictures and looks like a great time. So what if it was 15 yrs ago. Look what you got in those 15 yrs. A whole beach of people instead of a lifeguard. We are going to the beach tomorrow. You are inspiring me to take some pictures. Maybe even start a blog. How do you do that?

  4. Super pics Hussy!!! So fun to look at! The story was sweet as well...looking pretty hot in the bikini of yours ;)

  5. loved it, loved it. the message and the interleaving. one of my faves out of a year of faves.

    and love the fact that Anon wants to blog. yet another reason you are here.

  6. I do so love the sea. Thanks for sharing yours.

  7. OK, honestly, looking at the first picture I was thinking... "I didn't know her mom was at the shore with them last week!!" Then I read that picture was from 15 years ago....OK now girlfriend, I'm shocked to say that 3 kids later, you HAVE NOT changed!!!

  8. Okay...a meaningful story, with pictures? True awesomeness.

  9. You look EXACTLY the same.