Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Been

It's been spitting something frozen all day. It's been raining solid snow all day. It's been flurrying white stuff all day. It's been simply glorious. I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe so. But it just gave me one more reason to roll over and cover my head.

It's been a beautiful day. It's been a hunker down kind of day.

It's been a rub my dog's ear kind of day. It's been a hang out in my bathrobe kind of day. It's been a let's sit and spin kind of day.

It's been a beautiful Mother's Day. One that will go down in the books.

My top ten reasons I love being a Mom:

1. My mom told me I would. My mom is always right.

2. As my children get older, they somehow make me feel younger.

3. They will be stewards of our land when I die.

4. They give me a reason to bake chocolate chip cookies.

5. They make me dance every now and again.

6. And laugh now and again.

7. And cry (in a good way ) every now and again.

8. When someone compliments me on my children it makes me feel like I'm sort of succeeding at something; instead of only being mediocre, which is how I do most other things in my life.

9. I can control them. mwaaahaaahaaa.

10. They teach me that try as I might, I have no control over the universe.

Okay, so maybe I have 11- I love kissing them while they still let me. And then I'll have to steal kisses when they're sleeping, but that'll be okay. Unless I'm only mediocre at that, and then I'll always be waking them up, and then they'll start to get really pissed at me.

It's been...It's been...a beautiful 8 years.

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  1. Hussy, beautiful pic!!! Mind if I steal that first one for a late mother's day card for my mo-in-law?

    Sweet entry and I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday!!