Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bidding Will Start at 59

Today's bidding will start at 59. Can I have a 58? 58? 58?

Yes! To the silver alpaca pasture!

How about a 57? 57? 57? I see the horses raise a cold hoof!

Let's keep going down? Is there a 52? 52? 52? Yes! The mailboxes take a 52!!

What do we think kids? Will we get to freezing? Claire is in the way back of momma's monster mini van- Can we have a 44 folks? Who wants a 44? YES! We've got a 44? Timmy thinks it said 66, "Timmy, you've got to read the numbers!!"

How bouta, how bouta, how bouta 42?? Anyone, Anyone?? The frozen Christmas trees take a 42! Oooh, we're droppin' now. Let's go to 38? 38? 38? C'mon folks? 38? 38 goes to the ducks.

Oh folks- I think the steamy Huntington River has got its hand up. She's goin for 33!! Can we have a 32 folks? A thirty-two? 32? 32? 32? YES! We've got a freezing point!! Here we go- will we go under 32?

C'mon people. We can do this! 31 to the Huntington Garage! Let's keep going!! Are we going to go under 30?? 29? 29? 29? Anyone out there want a 29? Raise those hands folks!! 29? 29? 29? YES! To the cows on the right!! We see your steam!

Okay, how low can we go?? I see a 28!! 27? 27? 27? The Chickens on the left want 27... How bouta, how bouta, how bouta 25!! I see hands up at Camel's Hump, holding tight in the Valley at 25. Going once, going twice- SOLD to the Valley for 25! OH, but WAIT! We've got a 24 pulling into Brewster Pierce Memorial School! 24 degrees folks. Sold to the smiling faces at BPMS, who will hopefully help my children put on their winter clothes this morning because it's farkin' cold.

And icey.

And dark.

And dead.

And dying.

And beautiful too.

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